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Time To Not Fall Back?

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San Andreas, CA — In recent years, there have been calls to end Daylight Saving Time in the country and Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz thinks the time is right.  Tonight, clocks get set back one hour making it dark sooner.

“Just be careful because you’re going to be coming home to a dark house,” says Sheriff Kuntz.  “Be extra cautious when you go into your house or your car from your work place to make sure that nobody is lurking in the shadows.”

One of the arguments for falling back is so that kids will not have to go to school in the dark.  However, getting darker earlier at night has its safety issues as well.

“A lot of people who get into their senior years can’t see that well at night and a lot of them are still working,” says Sheriff Kuntz.  “I think it creates more traffic hazards and accidents.”  Kuntz admits he does have the data to prove that, but he says, “It’s something that should be looked at because I suspect it has an impact.”

Tonight, the time to set your clocks back is 2 a.m. Sunday or you can always fall back before you go to bed Saturday night.

One note, Arizona and Hawaii are currently the only two states that do not observe daylight saving time.