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Final Vote On Sonora Parking Rules

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Sonora, CA — Police Chief Mark Stinson believes there is some misinformation going around related to some controversial proposed changes to parking rules and regulations.

The city has heard several concerns voiced from residents since the first reading of the proposal was approved last month. The second and final reading is scheduled for the City Council meeting this coming Monday. Chief Stinson says the City passed a 72 hour parking ordinance in 1987, made revisions in 1994, and is simply proposing additional changes this year. He says the city wants to start addressing trailers parked on city streets, and clarify how far vehicles need to be moved after 72 hours.

Other parking changes include prohibiting people from doing repair work on vehicles parked on city streets, or city parking lots. When asked about what sparked the proposal, Chief Stinson gave an example. He said, “Last spring we had an individual that took his pickup truck and changed the rear-end of the truck in a city parking lot because he did not have enough room in his parking area. We’re looking for something that gives us some teeth to prevent people from doing this type of activity.”

The other controversial item is cracking down on people that place vehicles for sale on city or private property, without permission. Chief Stinson says, “As most people know, Wal-Mart becomes a parking lot for vehicles for sale, which Wal-Mart does not like, or allow. They are often calling us and asking for help in removing these types of vehicles from their property. A couple of other businesses in town have also approached us with this same issue. The change would help us eliminate the problem, and let us help these business owners regulate the parking on their lots, and also on any city streets or parks, where we also have this issue.”

Chief Stinson says Sonora residents would still be able to place a “for sale” sign on private vehicles, if it is on their private property. He says it will also not impact people that simply drive around town with a “for-sale” sign in their vehicle’s window, as long as it is not parked in the same place for an extended period. He says the new regulations would be carried out primarily on a “complaint driven” basis.

Monday’s City Council meeting starts at 5pm at City Hall.

  • Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson
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