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T.U.D. Moves Towards Eminent Domain

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Sonora, CA — T.U.D. took a step towards acquiring PG&E land in hopes of eventually constructing a water storage reservoir northeast of the district’s Sugar Pine property.

This year’s drought has heightened community interest regarding new water storage projects. The proposed reservoir would eventually store anywhere from 300 – 350 acre ft. of water. Several details would still need to be worked out down the road, including cost estimates, and where the funding would come for construction.

“This year, it feels really good, because it’s a supply project,” said District GM, Tom Scesa. “And another year, it would feel equally good, as an emergency storage project.”

The Board voted 5-0 to begin the environmental prep work required to acquire the property, which is valued at around $140,000. The land was made available for donation by PG&E due to a bankruptcy settlement, but it can only be given away for “public benefit.”

Unfortunately for T.U.D., water storage projects do not fit in the criteria worked out as part of the court settlement. T.U.D. is now hoping to acquire it through the eminent domain process.

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