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Senate Republican Leader Criticizes Brown’s Water Bond

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The Senate Republican leader feels Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed water bond does not go far enough to fix the state’s water issues.

The Governor yesterday proposed $6 billion in spending for a water bond, $2 billion would go towards additional water storage, $1.1 billion for watershed improvements, and $450 million for water recycling projects.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff says, “California needs a minimum of $3 billion to build two new reservoirs that will provide desperately needed water storage to capture water in wet years for use in dry periods. The Governor’s proposal does not meet this minimum threshold.”

Huff would rather see the $11 billion 2009 water bond, Proposition 43, go before voters. “While it’s not perfect, Proposition 43 would be an acceptable alternative than doing nothing. It would be a shame for this Governor and Democratic leaders to abandon California in the middle of a crisis.”

In proposing his $6 billion water bond, the Governor referred to Proposition 43 as “pork laden.”

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