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Lawmakers Jump Frogs

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Sacramento, CA — A sign that the Calaveras Fair is coming soon…several lawmakers were jumping frogs at the State Capitol yesterday.

The 40th annual Capitol Frog Jump was hosted by Senator Tom Berryhill. “This event is just good, old fashioned fun,” says Berryhill. “When you are down on all fours, and your reputation depends upon a small green critter jumping, it is pretty humbling. Lots of laughs and good spirited competition define the day. That is for sure.”

It is one of the unofficial kickoff events leading up the fair. This year’s fair is May 15-18

The results are as follows:

Longest Jump goes to Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (D- San Bernardino) with her frog Larry B 2.0.  Larry jumped a whopping 10’11 inches.

Shortest Jump is a tie between Caltrans and the Senate Republican Communications Shop. Both The Lean Green Caltrans Machine and High Speed Twain were on the slow train to nowhere today and only jumped 3′ 4.5 inches.

The Media Jump winner is Capitol Morning Report’s Jack Zwald.  Jack’s frog, YOJO: You Only Jump Once, flew to the finish with a 9′ 4.5″ jump.

  • Senator Berryhill At 2014 Capitol Frog Jump