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2 New COVID-19 Deaths, 56 New Cases In Tuolumne, 8 Cases In Calaveras

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Tuolumne Public Health reports two deaths due to COVID-19 a woman in her 60s and a man in his 80s. There are 56 new COVID-19 cases since Friday’s report with 223 active cases including 6 who are hospitalized. The total current case rate, a 14-day average for Tuolumne County is down to 38.8 from 39.2 per 100,000 population. A total of 4,670 have been released from isolation after testing positive for COVID-19, there have been 105 deaths, 4,998 community cases and 1,620 inmate cases with no currently active COVID-19 cases.

Today’s newly reported cases include 20 cases age 17 or younger and 12 cases age 60 or older. The gender and age breakdown is; 4 girls and 4 boy age 0-11, 5 girls and 7 boys age 12-17, 2 women and 7 men age 18-29, 1 woman and 3 men age 30-39, 5 women and 4 men age 40 to 49, 1 woman and 1 man age 50-59, 1 woman age 60 to 69, 5 women and 3 men age 70 to 79, and 2 women and 1 man age 80 to 89.

Of the 56 new community cases, 48 were unvaccinated as were the two newly reported deaths and 8 of the new cases were vaccinated. Of Tuolumne’s population eligible to be vaccinated 59% have been vaccinated. Tuolumne County’s active community cases went below 200 for 8 days. Cases were above 200 for 49 days between August 2 and September 19 with a high of 407 active cases. During the previous surge, active cases were above 200 for 36 days between November 15 and December 20 with a high of 350.

Calaveras County Public Health reports 8 new Covid cases since Friday’s report. Active cases decreased to 49, including one Covid hospitalization. There is one new case age 0-17 and one new case iage 65 years old or older. Since the pandemic began Calaveras has had 558 Covid-19 positive children who are 17 and under and 619 Covid-19 positive people 65 and over. Calaveras has vaccinated 53.4% of their eligible population.

Last Week’s Overview (Sep 24- Oct 1) Tuolumne reported a total of 197 new COIVD-19 cases and Calaveras reported 151 new cases. There were two deaths of Tuolumne residents due to COVID-19 and three deaths of Calaveras residents. Hospitalizations in both counties decreased over the week although Friday Tuolumne’s increased from four to six.

COVID-19 Testing Public health recommends if you believe you have been exposed to COVID, schedule an appointment to get tested 5 days after exposure and if you are having any symptoms, please get tested right away. The Tuolumne County State testing site is open 7 days a week beginning from 7 AM to 7 PM at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds. Appointments can be scheduled at or by calling 888-634-1123 the same website and phone number can be used to schedule tests in other counties. Testing is also available through some pharmacies, at Rapid Care, the hospital emergency department if you are experiencing any symptoms, or contact your healthcare provider.

COVID-19 Vaccines Tuolumne Public Health says, “Thank you for continuing to take the positive actions to protect ourselves and those around us from illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. Vaccination is the most important step we can take to reduce the spread of disease, and reduce the impact to our healthcare system. In addition, the continued practice of other preventive actions like wearing a mask in public, keeping your distance, avoiding crowds, washing hands, cleaning surfaces, and staying home when sick will help slow the spread of the virus.

Vaccine appointments can be made at local pharmacies and through or by calling 833-422-4255. Anyone 12 and older is eligible for a COVID vaccine, Pfizer is approved for anyone age 12 or over. In Calaveras, mobile vaccination clinics now do COVID-19 testing. For COVID-19 testing times and locations go to: Walk-ins only for COVID-19 testing. No appointment is needed. Register online to reduce waiting time: The Pfizer vaccine requires 3 weeks between doses and the Moderna requires 4 weeks. The J&J vaccine requires only one dose. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster shot information is here. Call or email with any questions you may have Tuolumne is available at (209) 533-7440, Mariposa at (209) 259-1332 or more numbers are available on our COVID-19 vaccine page here.

Tier Color
New Cases 
Total Cases COVID
Amador 10/1 138 25 3,181 52
Calaveras 10/4 49 8 3,533 74
Mariposa 10/4 61 40 1,150 13
Mono 10/4 67 15 1,354 5
Stanislaus 10/1* 1,758 202 74,232 1,284
Tuolumne 10/4 223 56 6,618 105
*Stanislaus is delayed due to their technical difficulties