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Quarter Of Average Snowpack

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The upcoming April 1st Sierra Nevada snowpack survey will be closely watched by state water officials.

“April 1st is significant because it is about the time that snowpack begins to melt, and it has reached its high point,” says Doug Carlson of the California Department of Water Resources. “Of course the reservoir, that is the snowpack, is so important into the spring and summer months. What we find on April 1st will help us understand what we’re really looking at for the rest of the water year.”

DWR officials will trek to the high country next Tuesday to conduct manual snow readings. As of this morning, DWR electronic sensors estimate the statewide snowpack is 25% of average for the date. The Northern Sierra is only 14%, the Central Sierra (includes Mother Lode) is 32%, and the Southern Sierra is 26%.

Rain, and high country snow, is expected across California over the next several days.

“Additional rain and snow would be welcomed, but the truth of the matter is that it will not be enough to dent the drought very much,” adds Carlson. “People should really continue to conserve.”