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Warning Labels On Soda?

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A new Field Poll shows California voters support taxing sugary drinks and requiring them to have health warning labels.

The poll found that 74% of voters support the idea of having labels on soft drinks and sugary beverages that warn of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. 52% said they “strongly support”, 22% “favor somewhat”, 14% “oppose strongly”, 11% “oppose somewhat” and 1% have “no opinion.”

The poll also found that 67% of California voters support placing a tax on the sale of sugary drinks, with proceeds going to school nutrition and physical activity programs. 46% said they “strongly support” the idea, 21% “favor somewhat”, 20% “oppose strongly”, 11% “oppose somewhat” and 2% have “no opinion.”

The Field Poll was conducted over the phone in early December, and the results were released this morning.