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Jamestown’s Hollywood History

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Jamestown, CA — A project is in the works that is designed to improve mobility, and promote Tuolumne County’s film history.

The County has secured an estimated $910K for sidewalk improvements in Jamestown, and a local committee is raising money to turn portions into a walkway that promotes the rich film history of the region. Medallions, similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, would be placed along a stretch of sidewalk between Rocca Park and Railtown 1897. The committee raising the funding is co-chaired by Jim O’Neil and Charlotte Hague. “We’ve always had this vision of linking Railtown and downtown Jamestown together,” says O’Neil. “Our vision is to enhance our culture and history, and do it in a way that’s pleasing to the public and drive more visitors to Jamestown.”

The medallions will showcase films shot in Tuolumne County, and they will be sponsored by individuals or organizations. There will be 30 medallions, and sponsorship is $1,000 dollars. 21 have been sold to this point. Notably, Railtown 1897 has been featured in several popular films and TV shows, ranging from Pale Rider to Back To The Future III.

In addition, there would be a mural painted to promote Jamestown. There’s also plans for a kiosk, or information center, in downtown Rocca Park, and an increased effort to promote the community’s general history and natural resources. The committee and the county have been working together on many of these proposed improvements.

The county is expecting construction to start around next Fall on the sidewalk project, so the medallions would need to be completed and delivered ahead of time. The medallions will be made of cast iron.

The committee received an update from county officials yesterday afternoon about the sidewalk project at a meeting held at the Sonora Area Foundation Office. It was noted by many on hand that tourists will often stop in downtown Jamestown, but not Railtown, or vice versa. This project would be a way to promote the idea of walking back and forth to both tourist destinations. The Walk Of Fame would start in Rocca Park, travel to Seco Street, to 9th Avenue, to 5th Avenue (Railtown 1897).