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Unemployed Get Notices

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Sacramento, CA — Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Californians have received the bad news their benefits will be cutoff in a week.

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) earlier this week sent out notices to more than 222,000 individuals with long-term unemployed extension claims. The federal unemployment benefits are scheduled to end Saturday, December 28th since Congress failed to pass an extension on Friday.

EDD’s Chief Deputy Director Sharon Hilliard says, “We want to give those affected time to prepare as best they can for the possible cutoff of this vital source of income. The EDD is also providing information about many federal, state and local forms of assistance that may help ease their financial burdens.”

Claimants with a remaining balance on their extension will also be impacted. The EDD stresses there will be no phase out of payments. Instead, all federal extension payments will come to an end next Saturday.

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