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Groveland Debris Pile Burning

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Grovelane, CA– Groveland Ranger District will start debris pile burning this month.

Smoke may be visible from Highway 120 from multiple burn pile locations including Ferretti Road, Smith Station Road, Shingle Hill, Holtzl Road, Monotti Hill, and Date Flat.

The piles of debris will be burned beginning now through April. Approximately 150 acres of hand and machine piles were generated by thinning operations.

The burn project objectives are to reduce the buildup of flammable forest fuels from timber sale created slash and natural accumulations, reduce the threat of uncontrolled, large and damaging fires, improve protection of life and property in the communities, enhance and protect wildlife habitat, and restore health and resiliency of wet meadows.

Fire managers are working closely with local air districts and the California Air Resources Board to mitigate the effects of smoke on the public.