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McCarthy: The Crisis On Our Border

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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke about the crisis on the USA’s southern border.

McCarthy was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”. Here are his words:

“The United States is on track to have two million migrants cross our border by the end of September – about twice the population of Delaware, President Biden’s home state.

172,000 were apprehended during March – the most in a single month in 20 years…

We currently have 20,000 unaccompanied children in our custody – the highest figure since this the statistic has been tracked.

Just in the past several months, two suspected terrorists were apprehended attempting to cross into our country… the [questions are]: Why were they coming? Who brought them here? Who were they going to meet with in America? And what did they have planned for us?

These are questions [the Vice President should be asking] but she has yet to go to the border… The amount of fentanyl seized this year increased by an alarming rate of 233% from the same [time] period last year.

Fentanyl is considered to be 50-100 times more potent than morphine, and if altered becomes even deadlier. Last year, 90,000 Americans died from a drug overdose — How many more will die because of what’s happening at our border?

Despite all of these red flags… Speaker Pelosi just last week claimed that the United States is on a ‘good path’ at the border. The question I ask the speaker [is] if we are breaking all records – more fentanyl, terrorists, and people illegally entering than in twenty years – if that’s a good path, what does a bad path look like?

Now, as the Democrats avoid reality, Republicans have already offered [common sense solutions that will stop the chaos at our southern border]:

I don’t believe Democrats are interested in solving the crisis their own policies created…”

On the Supreme Court:

“Their legislation aims to expand the Supreme Court by 4 seats… ironically the same number needed to give Democrats a one-seat edge and President Biden the power to appoint 4 Justices…

It is a concept so egregious that even the current president once described expanding the court as:

… a terrible, terrible mistake to make. And it put in question, if for an entire decade, the independence of the most significant body – including the Congress in my view – the most significant body in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.”

We may not agree on much when it comes to policy, but President Biden and I certainly agree on this point.

Most Americans do too – last year the Supreme Court received the highest approval rating they had earned in a decade.

But that isn’t stopping Democrats – they would prefer to defy the will of the people and cheat in their quest to consolidate power.

This is wrong, it runs against everything we believe in as Americans, and Republicans are going to fight to stop this abuse of power.”

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