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TUD Votes Out General Manager

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Sonora, CA — The TUD Board of Directors hosted a public meeting beginning at 3 PM, today, Friday, March 26, to discuss General Manager Ed Pattison’s contract. They were in a closed session from 3:05 to 4:30 when they returned to announce they made a reportable action, in a vote of three to one with one abstaining, they were in favor of the decision to put Pattison on paid administrative leave with his access privileges revoked immediately. No further details were explained and the meeting concluded just after 4:30 PM.

The three votes in favor of the dismissal were Board members Ron Ringen, Barbara Balen, and Lisa Murphy. Jeff Kerns voted against and David Boatright voted to abstain.

Pattison’s current agreement was to go through 2023 and pays around $200,000 annually.

As detailed here in November, previous board members had wanted to extend Pattison’s contract through 2025 but in the end, no action was taken. Several people spoke against the contract extension during public comments back in November. Outgoing board member Ron Kopf proposed that Pattison receive the pay increase percentage and also a 2.5-percent bonus for positive work accomplished in 2020.