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Tax Time Comes With A Bonus For Mail Thieves This Year

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Calaveras County, CA – Tax time always brings and increase in mail thefts and this year thieves are targeting two cash payouts.


Mail thefts near the 7000 block of Baldwin and on Milton Road in Jenny Lind were recently reported to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Greg Stark warns, “Tax season returns, and stimulus checks are just some of the added attractions to mail thieves.”

And the headaches do not end there. Sgt. Stark added, “Once the criminals have your mail it can lead to other crimes such as identity theft. Your mailbox is the most non-technological point for identity theft.”

Envelopes from mailboxes are not the only prize, porch pirates are also happy to steal your packages delivered to your home or business. CCSO provides these tips to prevent becoming a victim:

  • Never send cash or gift cards, as they are next to impossible to reclaim and are particularly sought-after items.
  • If possible, make arrangements for a neighbor to receive or retrieve packages if you are not home during the day.
  • Even if you have a locking mailbox, never leave mail overnight. Make a daily routine out of collecting your mail — even if you aren’t necessarily expecting something. (Keep in mind: even a simple utility bill is valuable to an identity thief.).
  • Secure your mailbox. A secure mailbox or mail slot (one that locks and is made of metal), well-lit surroundings, and a visible home surveillance system can create a triple threat against any unexpected guests who may be after your mail.
  • Residents of Calaveras County are encouraged to report all-male thefts. The Sheriff’s Office utilizes strategic policing based on crime statistics. This allows patrol deputies to better focus their limited patrol time on areas experiencing an uptick in criminal behavior.
  • As always report any suspicious vehicles to the Sheriff’s office as soon as possible.

Please contact Sgt. Greg Stark if you have any questions 209-754-6500.