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Summerville Defeats Big Valley Christian

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Written by : Levi Flores

Tuolumne, CA — After coming off a loss to the Mariposa Grizzlies last week, the Summerville Bears football team defeated the Big Valley Christian Lions on Thursday night, 16-13.

It was the Lions first game in 485 days. The Lions won the coin toss and decided to kick. Both teams struggled in the kicking position which led to a version of an onside kick; The Bears picked up the ball and started at midfield. Summerville started with a quick running play by RB Kai Elkins that pushed them into Lions territory by a couple of yards. On the next play, QB Jaden Brocchini threw an interception deep in the Lions’ side of the field.

After three running plays by Big Valley, the Lions scored. Only a minute into the game, the Big Valley Christian Lions took the lead 7-0.

In the second quarter, Summerville’s offense was off to a slow start with a two yard pass to WR Jorden Cribbs along with 13 yards rushing split between Elkins and Brocchini. Then, Brocchini dropped back for his third pass of the night and he connected with Kai Elkins for a 24 yard touchdown. The ball traveled five yards in the air and Elkins took control from that point.

Summerville attempted a two-point conversion and completed it from Brocchini to WR Braylon Leveroos. It was 8-7  at halftime. Out of the half, Summerville kicked to the Lions but the Bears defense stopped them from getting down the field. The Bears then controlled the game by running it and they scored on a one-yard rush by Brocchini. In the same drive Elkins had 32 yards, Brocchini had 18, and Warfield had 34, all by rushing. Once again the Bears attempted the two-point conversion in which they are able to convert again, this time to Tommy Warfield.

The Bears led 16-7 as the fourth quarter started. The Lions controlled the field for nine of the twelve minutes in the fourth quarter while tacking on another seven points. The final score was 16-13. Brocchini ended with one passing touchdown, one rushing touchdown, and 36 rushing yards. Leon Tippett finished with three sacks, and too many defensive stops to count. The player of the game, sponsored by Chicken Ranch Casino, was Kai Elkins who ran for 74 yards, had 24 receiving yards, and had a receiving touchdown.

Also of note, tune in for Sonora High football against Gustine, tonight, at 7pm on Star 92.7.