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Sonora, CA — Campfires are allowed in the high hazardous areas of the forest again. The Forest Service says due to shorter days, cooler weather, and higher humidity they have lifted fire restrictions for the high hazard areas of the Stanislaus National Forest. That means visitors can start using wood, charcoal, or gas fires or stoves outside of developed campgrounds if they have a valid California Campfire Permit. Forest officials caution that some forest areas are still dry and fire season remains in effect.

You can get a campfire permit at the Forest Service and CAL Fire offices.
Below are the Campfire Permit requirements:

1. Clear all flammable material away from the campfire, barbeque, or gas stove for a minimum of five feet in all directions, down to bare mineral soil, to prevent escape of the fire.
2. Have a shovel available at the campfire site for preparing and extinguishing campfires.
3. Have a responsible person in attendance at all times (never leave a fire unattended).
4. Extinguish the campfire with plenty of water, using the “drown, stir, and feel” method.
5. During dry, windy weather conditions, avoid building and maintaining campfires.

Fire prevention officials also stress campers need to dig at least five feet around their campfire. They also remind campers to never place a campfire under over hanging tree branches, brush, or other flammable vegetation. Smokers can only smoke in a cleared area of brush nearly 3 feet wide and never put out their cigarette on or near dry vegetation, an old stump, or decayed log.

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