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GCSD Faces Fine Over Sewage Spills

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Groveland, CA — The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board recently slapped the Groveland Community Services District with a $375K civil liability penalty.

The Board reports, “In August 2010, a 5-day spill of more than 29,000 gallons of raw sewage reached Pine Mountain Lake, and in March 2011 a 12-day raw sewage spill of 38,300 gallons reached Rattlesnake Creek (which drains into Lake Don Pedro).”

The Board’s report goes on to say, “Extensive fact finding by Water Board staff, in response to citizen reports of the spills, documented the conditions of the releases and substantiated allegations of non-reported spills and underestimation spill volumes.”

Half of the liability ($187,500) will need to be paid to the board in four installments. The remaining fine balance will be satisfied by the district purchasing new equipment in hopes of preventing this type of thing from happening in the future.

It was announced several months ago at a GCSD Board of Directors meeting that a settlement agreement had been reached with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. That agreement went through a 30 day public comment period and was discussed at various GCSD meetings.