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Rim Fire Repairs Continue In Forest

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Tuolumne County, CA — The BAER Team is making progress in preparation of the winter rain and snow season.

The Burned Area Emergency Response Team assigned to the Rim Fire has completed 61% of its work when it comes to restoring the drainage systems along roads. This includes cleaning the ditches and culverts, removing debris above culverts, and re-grading damaged roads. They are also installing water bars to assist the drainage. Crews have now removed 94% of the hazard trees along primary roads.

All of the so-called stabilization work on the trails is now complete. All of the hazard trees around the trails have been removed and new route markers have been installed. However, crews have only completed 46% of the erosion control work that needs to be done around the trails.

The BAER Team has received about $9 million to complete the Rim Fire repair work. The team points out that while the measures will reduce the chances of disasters like wide scale flooding, not everything can be mitigated, and the community needs to be on alert throughout the winter months.


Restoring drainage – 61% complete:
•Clean the ditches and culverts,
•Pull floatable debris from uphill of the culverts,
•Water bars – helps with the drainage of water, and
•Grading the road.

Rolling dips (repair and construct) – 13% complete


•Erosion control measure – 46% complete
•Trail stabilization – 100% complete
•Hazard tree mitigation – 100% complete
•Install route markers – 100% complete