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Sonora To Discuss Limiting Number Of Airbnb Type Rentals

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Sonora, CA — Tonight the Sonora City Council will talk about whether they would like to cap the number of short-term rentals allowed in the city limits.

Multiple councilmembers are requesting a discussion on this topic as Sonora is facing challenges related to the amount of available housing and housing affordability. The council will have a preliminary discussion on the issue and direct staff if they would like this item brought back at a later time for action. The concern is the more Airbnb rentals available means less housing for full-time residents.

Also today, the council will vote on waiving the second required reading of an ordinance change to revise the contract with Hazy Bulldog Farms on Mono Way so that the business can sell recreational marijuana in addition to medicinal cannabis. The first reading was approved, 5-0, at the last meeting.

The council will also hear an update from the Social Equity Committee related to the group’s mission and vision statements.

Today’s meeting starts at 5pm. Click here to find the meeting agenda and how to participate.