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Okay To Turn On Sprinklers

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SONORA, CA:  T.U.D. is no longer asking customers to turn off outdoor irrigation systems. The district reports the tanks are full and customers can start watering outdoors again.

General Manager Pete Kampa says, “Customers did a fantastic job. We have had very low consumption at all of our systems. It has allowed our pumps to rest and our tanks are full.”

The call to shut off sprinkles was made a little more than a week ago when the Rim Fire’s flames spread closer to Tuolumne City. Water consumption spiked as customers started watering down their yards and homes. That caused the water tanks to drop at an alarming rate.

Kampa says when the request went out, “People immediately took action. We monitor the water systems through a remote communications computer program. We could watch the reaction almost immediately as people shut their water off.”

The cut backs in water will ultimately hurt T.U.D.’s bottom line as normally July and August area high volume times bringing a steady cash flow. But Kampa stresses it was worth it.

“It was a constant relief over the past week to see our customers’ water usage so low that tanks remained full the entire time; with ample water available for firefighting if needed,” added Kampa.

Normal water consumption can begin immediately.