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Brass Knuckles, BB Gun And Meth Results In Arrest

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Jamestown, CA – Once again, a routine traffic in Jamestown resulted in an arrest after brass knuckles, an altered bb gun and meth were found during a search.

Observing a car with an obstructed rear license plate at the intersection of Jamestown and Golf Links roads around 2 a.m. Thursday, a Tuolumne Sheriff’s Deputy pulled the vehicle over.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, a set of metal knuckles could be seen on the lap of passenger, 28-year-old Dylan McDonald of Oakdale. Sheriff’s spokesperson Nicco Sandelin says further questioning resulted in McDonald admitting to having a pistol BB gun under his seat. Once retrieved, it appeared to have been altered to look like a real gun, according to Sandelin.

McDonald was ordered out of the vehicle. A search of his person also found a switchblade knife and over six grams of methamphetamine in one of his pant pockets. A knife with a blade over two inches and brass knuckles are illegal to carry in California.

McDonald was subsequently arrested for having those weapons along with altering the appearance of an imitation firearm and possession of a controlled substance. McDonald was placed on a $20,000 bail.