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T.U.D. Improving Wastewater System

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Sonora, CA — Some work is taking place to improve T.U.D.’s ability to provide recycled water.

The District is currently expanding its Regional Reclamation System in Jamestown. Maintenance crews began working on the Quartz Reserve Pool expansion in May. The district is laying 7,000 ft. of new piping which will allow the district to utilize 200 acre ft. of additional recycled water each year. Most of the treated water goes to ranchers during the summer months to irrigate pastures.

T.U.D. officials report that the additional storage will cost $800K-$1 million, whereas a new storage reservoir would have cost $20-$25 million. It will also allow the district to avoid releasing wastewater into Woods Creek (it currently requires a costly discharge permit), and will allow 100% recycling of all wastewater treated by T.U.D. and the Jamestown Sanitary District.

T.U.D. Engineer Erik Johnson reports that the project should be completed in the spring of 2014.