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Congressman McClintock’s Arguments Against COVID-19 Package

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Washington, DC — On a partisan line vote, the US House approved the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that includes $1,400 checks coming to many Americans.

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock, who represents the Mother Lode, spoke out in opposition on the US House floor.

He stated, “This is the most left-wing bill ever passed by the Congress. But beware, there is no such thing as free money. All of it must be borrowed from the same capital pool that would otherwise be available as loans to consumers, homebuyers and small businesses. And it will be repaid entirely from your future earnings in the years ahead.”

McClintock argues that he prefers ending all of the lockdown measures instead of passing the stimulus package. President Joe Biden will sign the measure after it gained approval in both the House and Senate. The House vote was 220 to 211, with all Republicans in opposition, and all but one Democrat voting in favor. Other aspects of the bill include $350-billion in aid for state and local governments, $130-billion for k-12 schools and $14-billion for vaccine distribution.