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Assemblyman Bigelow Responds To School Reopening Plan

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Sacramento, CA- An agreement was reached today between Governor Gavin Newsom and State legislative leaders to reopen schools across the state.

According to the Associated Press, the districts could receive combined up to $6.6-billion if they reopen classrooms by March 31.

Mother Lode Assemblyman Frank Bigelow says, “While the Governor and special interest groups continue to create obstacles for students to get back in the classroom, children are missing out on essential in-person activities. Physical activities socializing with their peers, and extra-curricular activities are all on the back burner while the Governor continues to hold students hostage in their homes.”

In addition, he adds, “Schools are ready to open, teachers are eager to teach, and students are desperate to get back in the classroom. I urge the Governor to allow schools to safely reopen, in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Its time the Governor stop using our children as pawns in his political games.”

Most schools in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties have been providing the option for in-person learning for several months.