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Western States Review Group Approves Pfizer Vaccine

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Sacramento, CA — When COVID-19 vaccines were nearing the finish line, California and three other western states created a scientific review workgroup made up primarily of health leaders from West Coast academic institutions.

They were tasked with being an extra line of defense to make sure any FDA approved vaccine is safe for the masses. Other states involved, in addition to California, are Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

The independent review determined the Pfizer vaccine is “safe and efficacious.”

Governor Gavin Newsom says, “We are working hand-in-hand with local public health officials to get the vaccine out to the first phase of recipients. Their (workgroup) work will continue as data becomes available on other potential vaccines.”

The Pfizer vaccine will arrive in California early this week. The first 327,000 doses will go to healthcare workers on the front line, with the vaccine likely available for the general public by March or April.