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COVID-19 Outbreak At Marine Base In Mono County

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Mono County, CA – A coronavirus outbreak over the past two weeks at a marine base in Mono County could force increased restrictions.

There have been over 60 cases reported by the U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) in the northern Pickel Meadows section of the county since the outbreak was identified on October 21. Public health officials relay that the Marine Corps has independent healthcare and public health capacity and maintains overall responsibility for the outbreak response.

Currently, there is extensive testing of personnel taking place and health officials expect the number of positive cases to rise in the coming days as those results come back. They add that base officials are working closely with them to monitor the situation and implement appropriate measures to reduce further exposure both on the base and within the community. Public health advises that to date, there is no evidence that the outbreak has contributed to increased community transmission outside of the Marine Corps community in Mono County, despite some increase in unassociated cases.

In a written press release, county health officials worry they may lose their moderate/orange tier 3 status within the state’s “blueprint” that governs local economic and social activity restrictions. Noting that state health officials have already informed

“Mono County’s cases have increased beginning the week of October 18-24. The rates recently are high enough to potentially cause us to move to a more restrictive tier, assuming that they are sustained for two consecutive weeks,” stated Dr. Tom Boo, Mono County Public Health Officer. “Public Health and Mono County Officials will continue to work with State Officials on the actual impact MCMWTC cases will have on Mono County’s status.”