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Leonid’s Meteors Light Up The Sky

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You had to get up pretty early to enjoy the

Leonids meteor shower this morning, but stargazers weren´t


Nasa officials say more than 1,000 meteors a hour lighted the

sky between one and three a-m, and many of them were bright enough

to cast a shadow.

Atop Mount Wilson northeast of Los Angeles, a meteor-watching

party of about 75 people oohed and aahed every few seconds as a bit

of space dust burned harmlessly into the atmosphere. Many of the

meteors left trails that glowed in the sky for several seconds.

The Leonids are dusty remnants of a comet tail that Earth passes

through every year, but this year´s light show was more intense

than it´s been in decades. Astronomers estimate it will be close to

a century before the Leonids burn as brightly as they did this