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FYI: Paul Hopes to Return Soon

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Paul Harvey has been away from his microphone for some time now, and several of our listeners have
called to ask about his situation.

This morning, we received the following letter from Paul, and would like to share it with you.

Good Morning,

I know it must seem that I have neglected my “professional family” in recent weeks.

The fact is that I´ve imagined that every
“next week” I would be back on your frequency broadcasting as usual, but this bug is tenacious!

The good news is that the voice is returning gradually.
The bad news is that it is not yet the broadcast quality which ABC affiliates deserve.

Also, I´m told that to stress the voice prematurely could prolong
the hoarsness.

I am indeed sorry this uncertainty has dragged on so long but the worst is past; the healing has begun.

God willing, it won´t be
long now.

-Paul Harvey