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Flex Alert Issued For Later Today

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The state’s power grid operator is calling for energy conservation later today.

A Flex Alert has been issued from 3-10pm. Some parts of the state are anticipated to see triple-digit temperatures, while the Sierra Foothills will likely have temps in the mid-90s. The California Independent System Operator is projecting an increase in energy demand, statewide, which could lead to a potential shortage.

In response, PG&E has the following recommendations.

  • When it’s cooler outside, bring the cool air in: If the outside air is cool in the night or early morning, open windows and doors and use fans to cool your home.
  • Close your shades: Sunlight passing through windows heats your home and makes your air conditioner work harder. Block this heat by keeping blinds or drapes closed on the sunny side of your home.
  • Cool down with a fan: Fans keep air circulating, allowing you to raise the thermostat a few degrees and stay just as comfortable while reducing your air-conditioning costs.
  • Clear the area around your AC: Your air conditioning unit will operate better if it has plenty of room to breathe. The air conditioner’s outdoor unit, the condenser, needs to be able to circulate air without any interruption or obstruction. Also, dirty air filters make your air conditioner work harder to circulate air. By cleaning or replacing your filters monthly, you can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, health permitting: Every degree you lower the thermostat means your air conditioner must work even harder to keep your home cool.