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BOR Initiating New Fire Restrictions During Certain Weather Events

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Sonora, CA — When a “Red Flag Warning” that signal increased fire risk is issued in the Mother Lode, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) officials say additional fire restrictions will be implemented at New Melones Lake.

The BOR says the fire bans will remain in effect until November 1st of this year. BOR details that during those weather events staff will post fire-restriction signs and update the reservation website to inform visitors about conditions and bans.

The following acts are prohibited during these warnings:

  • Building a fire using charcoal or wood, even in established fire rings and grills. 43 CFR 423.31(e)
  • Smoking in an area not devoid of vegetation and not properly extinguishing/disposing of when finished. 43 CFR 423.31(b)
  • Operating or parking a vehicle or other motorized equipment over or on top of dried/cured vegetation. 43 CFR 420.2
  • Operating a motor vehicle or combustion engine equipment without a spark arrestor and off of existing paved, gravel, or dirt roads. 43 CFR 420.11(b)
  • Using or possessing explosives, or fireworks or pyrotechnics of any type, except as allowed by a permit issued pursuant to subpart D of this part 423, or in special use areas so designated by an authorized official under subpart E of this part 423. 43 CFR 423.30 (c)

BOR adds that visitors may use propane cookstoves in campgrounds and day-use areas designated for barbecuing. However, they recommend avoiding grilling when it is windy.