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Knoller Gets 4 Years In Mauling Case

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A San Francisco judge has tentatively sentenced dog-mauling defendant Marjorie Knoller to four years in prison. Knoller and her husband, Robert Noel, both were convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of college lacrosse coach Diane Whipple. The couple’s two huge dogs attacked Whipple as she tried to enter her apartment. San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren announced the sentence. Then he allowed attorneys for both sides to provide additional arguments before making the sentence final. Compounding the sentencing issue was the judge´s action in overturning a second-degree murder conviction for Knoller. Her attorneys argued the judge couldn’t sentence Knoller until the prosecution’s appeal of that action was complete. But Warren disagreed and proceeded after telling Knoller he found no mitigating circumstances to reduce her sentence. He also accused her of perjury and said her lack of remorse worked against her.