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Rehab Effort Underway At Tahoe Wildfire

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Even as hot spots continue to smolder, rehabilitation is underway on the 670-acre burn scar of the Gondola fire at Lake Tahoe´s south shore.

Some downed trees are being left in place while new ones are planted in an effort to control erosion and preserve the lake´s clarity.

And despite the fire´s intensity, many pine and fire trees appear to have survived. U.S. Forest Service Supervisor Maribeth Gustafson says much of the fire burned below the green tops of the trees. And she says it looks like the stream environment zones remain green and intact. That will help filter the runoff.

Because erosion control is key in preserving Lake Tahoe´s clarity, rehab of the land will involve minimizing water runoff with strategically placed mounds of dirt and the downed trees along with tree planting and revegetation.

The fire, which was started Wednesday by a careless smoker, was controlled on Saturday and is expected to be declared out tomorrow evening.