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CAL Fire Warns Of Extreme Fire Danger

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San Andrea, CA – Due to extreme fire danger CAL Fire Tuolumne-Calaveras Unit (TCU) is asking the public to take precautions.

Residents and visitors are encouraged by TCU officials to “remain vigilant in their efforts to prevent a wildfire ignition,” especially during the current excessive heat that is predicted to continue throughout the week.

In a written statement issued late on Tuesday, TCU officials stress that 25 major fires burning statewide are affecting thousands of residents and causing concern for firefighters that worry about possible new fire ignitions.

The statement goes on to note: “The National Weather Service has issued a RED FLAG warning in effect until noon on Wednesday, September 9th. As with any warning, this should be considered a ‘notification’ to be more aware of your actions that could cause a fire to start as well as an opportunity to evaluate your preparedness should a fire occur near you.”

Cal Fire TCU offers these fire safety and preparedness tips:

  • Ensure any gas-powered equipment including your generator has a spark arrester installed, and at least 10 feet of bare earth clearance around it.
  • Keep the required fire tools (shovel and fire extinguisher) nearby when using equipment, welding, or grinding.
  • When conducting yard maintenance be mindful to use the proper tool for the job, NEVER use a lawnmower in dry grass.
  • If towing with your vehicle, ensure the maintenance is current and chains are not hanging low enough to drag on the ground.
  • Dispose of any barbeque coals in a metal can with a lid that is distanced from any other combustible material.
  • Ensure that your Wildfire Action Plan is current and known by all occupants of your home.