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Flex Alert Issued For Labor Day Weekend

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Sonora, CA — Triple-digit temperatures are anticipated in the Mother Lode over the Labor Day weekend, and California’s power grid operator has issued a statewide Flex Alert.

In order to avoid rolling blackouts, everyone is urged to conserve power this coming Saturday through Monday.

PG&E, specifically, is asking all customers to cut back on energy use between 3-9pm on those days.

To read the latest information from the National Weather Service about the increasing temperatures, click here.

PG&E has released the following advice:

  • Avoid using electrical appliances and devices from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Put off tasks such as vacuuming, laundry, dishwashing and computer time until after 9 p.m.
  • Adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher or turn it off if you will be away from home. Use a fan instead of air conditioning when possible.
  • Draw drapes and turn off unnecessary lighting.
  • Limit the opening of refrigerators, which is a major user of electricity in most homes. The average refrigerator is opened 33 times a day.
  • Keep the refrigerator full (with bottles of water if nothing else) and unplug your second refrigerator, if you have one.
  • Avoid using the oven. Instead, cook on the stove, use a microwave or grill outside.
  • Set your pool pump to run overnight instead of during the day.