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Groveland Receiving Microgrid For Planned Power Outages

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Groveland, CA — Plans are being developed so that most businesses in downtown Groveland will be able to keep power during PG&E Planned Power Outages.

The Groveland Community Services District is working with PG&E to install a Permanent Interconnection Hub, known as a microgrid, which will distribute power during PSPS events.

District General Manager Pete Kampa has signed grant deeds for the sale of three permanent easements to PG&E for portions of Mary Laveroni Park. The move will allow PG&E to install permanent equipment needed to install generators during the outages. All underground service lines in the designated area will be powered by the generators that will be set up behind temporary fencing.

The district reports that Groveland is the only community in the county currently designated to have this new service offered by PG&E. It will allow businesses to stay powered up during times of extended outages.