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Recycle Your Discarded Christmas Tree

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Tuolumne County authorities are asking residents to recycle their Christmas trees after the holidays this year.

Mark Rappaport acting Tuolumne County Solid Waste Manager says there are a couple options to dispose of the old trees.

People can chip their tree to use for garden mulch or can take the tree to several drop off locations throughout the county, which includes the Big Oak Flat-Groveland transfer station on Merrell Road, or the Cal Sierra Earth Resource facility on Camage Avenue off Tuolumne Road near Standard. Both these locations will take the tree at no charge.

The Cal Sierra Materials Recovery transfer station on Industrial Drive in East Sonora will accept only flocked trees at no charge. All three locations will take your old Christmas trees through the month of January.

Local solid waste collection companies will also pick up non-flocked trees curb side if the trees are cut into 4 foot or smaller lengths, are bundled or tied, and weight less than 60 pounds. Contact your collection firm for further information and pick-up days.