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Recall Vote Will Cost Tuolumne County $75,000

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With the October 7 date set for the vote to decide whether Governor Davis is recalled, the special election will cost Tuolumne County about $75,000.

Tuolumne County Clerk Tim Johnson said that ballots will have to be printed, poll workers and polling places will have to be paid for and voting machines will have to be programmed.

“I suspect that there will probably be an excellent turnout, knowing the interest that´s been generated by this,” Johnson said. He said over 3,500 recall signatures were gathered in Tuolumne County.

He says that this special election will be run just like any other election, with the same number of polling places.

The added cost comes as Tuolumne and many other county goverments deal with budget problems that could result in layoffs and cuts in services.