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Crime In Tuolumne County Up in 2002

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Crime in Tuolumne County shot up 22% in 2002 over the previous year.

Sheriff Dick Rogers issued his annual crime statistics report today. He says the biggest increases were in burglaries, thefts, and assaults. There were 2 homicides last year. There weren´t any the year before.

On the bright side, Sheriff Rogers says 25% of the crimes are solved. “If you can solve one out of four, you´re doing pretty good,” he said. Rogers also says the state average is around 12% for solving crimes.

Investigations of narcotics dropped in 2002 in Tuolumne County. 232 narcotics cases were reported, down from 272 cases in 2001. Around 37,000 marijuna plants were seized last year, up from about 27,000 the year before.