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Students Plan Pro Troop Rally Thursday

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Some Sonora High School students are planning a “support our troops” rally tomorrow at Courthouse Park.

One of the rally organizers, 17 year-old Nathan Vasher, and some of his friends have been putting out fliers and asking people to come to the rally in downtown Sonora at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow. “We want to get as many people out there as we can,” he says. “If you have American flags, bring ´em.”

Vasher says the anti-war rallies, like ones going on in San Francisco, may be discouraging to military men and women overseas. He says the protests may not be so much anti-troops as they are anti-presidential. “They´re saying we´re killing babies, and don´t kill civilians,” Vasher says.

Vasher and his classmates are hoping that over 100 people will show up. “A lot of people at the high school are saying ” That´s a cool idea,” he says.

“We have some high school students that are in the Marines right now. A lot of our friends are joining this year,” Vasher says.