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Malibu Stops Short of Banning Declawing

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Malibu will not become the second city in California to ban the practice of declawing cats. Even though an ordinance banning declawing had the support of about 40 people at yesterday´s city council meeting, the motion did not receive a second. Instead, the council called for a resolution that would condemn the surgery for all animals.

Those who attended the meeting included actor Buddy Hackett, a longtime animal rights advocate. He says that cats who have been declawed have behavioral problems.

West Hollywood banned the practice last month.

Veterinarian Jennifer Conrad is the founder of The Paw Project, a local animal advocacy group. She says her organization would continue to push for declawing bans in Santa Monica, Palm Springs and San Francisco.

Democratic Assemblyman Paul Koretz, of West Hollywood, has proposed banning it statewide.