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Poll: Californians Unclear On Propositions

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A new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Californians are unclear about a pair of propositions that would dictate how the state runs its primary elections.

With less than three months until Election Day, the results of a new Field Poll shows that just 16 percent of likely voters had some awareness of Proposition 62. The measure would allow voters to choose any candidate in the primary — regardless of party registration.

But even fewer people knew about a rival measure — Proposition 60. That measure would keep the primary election system the way it is now. The poll shows that only six percent of likely voters have heard of Proposition 60.

Reflecting the little attention paid to these measures so far, when voters read the supporting text they said they were in favor of both propositions — even though the measures are diametrically opposed.

Forty-four percent of likely voters were in favor of Proposition 62, while 31 percent were opposed. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed said they would back Proposition 60, while 15 percent were opposed.