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Grants Help Calaveras Sheriff Weather Budget Woe

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A pair of large grants totaling $796,000 will help the Calaveras County Sheriff´s Department face what otherwise would have been a meager budget year.

First, a $500,000 Small and Rural County Law Enforcement Grant was re-instituted in this fiscal year´s state budget, Sheriff Dennis Downum said.

Beginning with the 2001-02 fiscal year, the grant helped augment the budgets of small sheriff´s offices, but was eliminated last year during California´s budget crisis.

It was added to this year´s budget because of efforts by Assemblyman David Cogdill and others state legislators, Downum said. “That was a big wonderful happy surprise to us,” Downum said.

His department was facing something of a bleak year as all county agencies were asked to trim about 5 percent from their budgets. The grant will give a big boost to one area in particular.

Gasoline is the largest increase faced by a department that has a lot of vehicles, and drives them many miles.

For the past three to four years Downum has budgeted about $114,000 for fuel. Last year the department spent $172,000 at the pump and this year Downum expects the cost to top off at about $206,000.

The state grant will go a long way to help cover the gap.

The department also will spend about $30,000 of the grant to cover rising food costs at the jail and another $35,000 to pay for overtime among the county´s emergency services dispatchers.

In addition to that money package, the department has won a $196,000 federal Homeland Security Grant that will be used to replace and expand its emergency services equipment.

Unlike the state grant, this money is not discretionary and the department receives a list of what items can be purchased.

One of the first items on that list that catches the sheriff´s interest is a new hazardous materials vehicle to replace the present black truck used for hazmat spills, drug lab clean-ups, and bomb disposal.

“The hazmat truck we have now is basically an old beer truck that´s been around forever,” Downum said. “We were in desperate need of a new truck.”

The county also will get a bomb disposal robot.

Equipped with a camera and mechanical arm, it can be driven by remote control up to a suspected bomb for an initial inspection and to make sure the device is not bobby trapped.

A number of hand-held, satellite radios also will be included in the items.

“It will be a lot better than our car radios because the terrain won´t affect it,” Downum said.

Some of the new radios might be installed into certain vehicles, such as those used in search-and-rescue operations.

And all of the county´s fire districts will receive thermal imagers as part of the federal grant.

Those can be used to help firefighters pin-point hot spots, even behind walls.

It could be awhile before the items actually arrive, but the grant has been approved and the equipment is on order.

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