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Crow Competes In Bronze Medal Effort

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The United States comes out of the pool with a bronze medal in team synchronized swimming in the summer Olympics.

U.S. team member Tammy Crow had to put aside some rocky feelings to be a solid part of the performance. She reports to jail October 25th to serve a three-month sentence for vehicular manslaughter here in the Mother Lode.

In February 2003, Crow was behind the wheel of her boyfriend´s Nissan Pathfinder near Sonora when it slid out of control, crashing into two trees. She only broke some bones, but both passengers — her boyfriend, Cody Tatro, and 12-year-old Brett Slinger, a student of Tatro´s — died.

In January a judge agreed to postpone her sentence until after the Olympics.

Russia took gold and Japan got the silver.