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Pie Season In Full Swing For Apple Ranch

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What does it take to bake about 1500 pies?

Well, if you were in the right place this morning, you could smell the pies cooking.

The right place would have been the Cover´s Apple Ranch near Tuolumne.

“We´ll start Tuesday night about 8 o´clock, baking straight for about 12 hours. The ovens won´t shut off. So it´s an all-night ordeal, and even the owners get involved in that one. We´re pulling a double shift.”

Ben Cover of Cover´s Apple Ranch says tomorrow´s holiday means a huge spike in business.

“Oh, Thanksgiving is incredible. We´ll bake through the night just to have everything ready for the next day. A couple, three shifts, everyone gets involved in that one.”

Cover adds their preparations don´t stop with the baking.

“Business has been good. Folks have been coming out in record numbers on the weekends. The weekdays have been good. We are stocking up, the gift shop is crammed to the rafters with new merchandise. The kitchen is in full gear at high speed.”