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College Wins Statewide Marketing Awards

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Columbia College was recognized for excellence in its print publications at the 27th Annual Community College Public

Relations Organization´s (CCPRO) Annual Conference, held this past Monday at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento.

There were over 220 entries from community colleges throughout the state with awards given to the top three finishers in 28 categories. Columbia College won:

• Second Place – College Catalogs (Educating Today´s Students for Tomorrow´s Careers)

• Second Place – Color Brochures (Your Pathway to Careers and Gateway to Higher Education)

• Third Place – Class Schedules (Extreme Educational Opportunities)

Columbia´s college catalog is a 128-page publication that provides essential information on the institution, like admission procedures, financial aid, student services and course descriptions. The cover contains a photograph of three young college students, who are seated together on a bench within a large picture frame. To portray how the school trains students for future careers, the same three are also shown standing next to the picture frame, but aged 15 years by computer and wearing uniforms of their selected occupations: business executive, welder and firefighter.

The college´s brochure is a colorful photographic collection of campus scenery and students shown in everyday classroom and field learning situations. The text describes how the school offers associate degrees, transfers to four-year universities, and workforce training.

Columbia College´s 112-page class schedule challenges students to reach for “extreme educational opportunities” by earning a degree, or gaining valuable vocational training. The cover photo shows a BMX rider starting a jump from the top of a stack of school books, and the text encourages students to persist and achieve their educational goals.

The competition´s print entries were produced by college staff members: Andy Maurer (cover design and color photo manipulation), Doryene Rapini (layout/production design and black-and-white photo manipulation), and Doug Lau (creative/art direction and copywriting). Photos were by Bill Wood Photography of Modesto.

Judging was based on the attractiveness of covers, readability, copywriting, use/ quality of photographs and graphics, logical placement and sequence of information, use of color and space, quality of printing, and overall impact.

Editors, writers, graphic designers and media producers were invited to judge the various categories, which included catalogs, schedules, print ads, news releases, radio and television commercials, newsletters, posters, web page designs, CD-ROM/video cards, and others.