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Victim Identified in Modesto Amtrak Collision

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Officials have identified the driver killed in Tuesday´s Amtrak Train collision near Modesto, though they still don´t know why the accident occurred.

66-year-old Sharon Marie McGinnis reportedly was driving her Honda compact car, when she approached the train crossing on Claus Road. The barricades were down, and the lights were flashing.

Officials say McGinnis crossed into the oncoming lane to get past several vehicles which were stopped at the train crossing and drove past the barricades as well.

An Amtrak train hit the car, sheared it in half, and caused it to catch fire. The passenger compartment then spun into another vehicle, causing that car to catch fire.

Three passengers were rescued from the second car with non-life-threatening injuries.

It´s still not known why McGinnis was driving the way she was. Officials continue to investigate the collision.