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Tow Truck Hits Sheriff’s Vehicle

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No injuries were reported after a wreck on Highway 49 north of Cosgrove Road which involved a civilian driver and a Calaveras County Sheriff´s Vehicle.

Deputy Phil Ross was southbound on Highway 49 with his emergency lights and siren activated, on his way to an emergency call.

Ross came up behind 38-year-old Sammie Franks, of Angels Camp, who was driving a tow truck.

Franks thought that the deputy was trying to pull him over, but since there was no right-hand shoulder, the CHP says he turned left intending to use a turnout on the opposite side of the road.

But Deputy Ross wasn´t pulling Franks over. Ross was trying to pass Franks, and the tow truck ended up turning left into the side of Ross´s Sheriff´s Department vehicle.

Neither man was injured in the wreck, but officials remind residents to never pull left if an emergency vehicle is behind you. Always pull as far to the right as possible and stop.