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Body Removed From Sierra Nevada Glacier After Decades Encased In Ice

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Fresno, CA — Authorities have removed a body that was found enclosed in a glacier off a mountain in the Sierra Nevada.

The ice-enclosed body is believed to be that of an airman who was lost when his plane crashed in World War Two. Officials with the Fresno County Coroners office will work with military officials who specialize in recovering military personnel to try to identify the body.

The body was recovered from a nearly 14,000 foot high mountain in Kings Canyon National Park after two ice climbers reported last weekend they saw the body protruding from thick ice on the mountain.

Local officials called in the military because the man was still wearing a parachute with the word “Army” stenciled onto it. They believe the serviceman may be part of the crew of a military training plane that crashed on the mountain in 1942.