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Calaveras County Supervisors Meeting: Aug 8, 2005. A Summary

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Present were: Victoria Erickson, Chair; Merita Callaway, Vice-Chair; Bill Claudino, Steve Wilensky, and Thomas Tryon Supervisors; James Jones, County Counsel; Tom Mitchell, County Administrative Officer; and Madaline Krska, Deputy Clerk

ABSENT: None C O N S E N T A G E N D A 1. Minutes of July 25, 2005 regular Board of Supervisors meeting – Board action: approved, as written, 5-0

CORRESPONDENCE: July 22-28, 2005 – Board action: approved, as processed, 5-0

3. MINUTE ORDER rejecting Claim No. 05-18 filed by Jake Wallace, Administrator, for the Blue Mountain Wilderness Program re: failure to investigate complaints; County Counsel – Board action: approved 3-2, Noes: Supervisors Wilensky and Tryon; an urgency vote approved, 5-0 to hold a Closed Session today to discuss this claim.

4. RESOLUTION to summarily vacate a drainage easement in Lot 2030, Unit 7, Copper Cove Subdivision; Public Works/Surveyor – Board action: approved, 5-0

5. MINUTE ORDER authorizing the County Administrative Officer to sign a letter to the USDA Forest Service electing to reserve 15% of the Federal Forest Reserve payment for Title III County Projects; Admin. – Board action: approved, 5-0

6. MINUTE ORDER authorizing the execution of a Notice of Completion and Acceptance of the Government Center HVAC Construction, Phase II-B; Admin. – Board action: approved, 5-0

7. RESOLUTION to summarily vacate portions of public utility easements in Fairway Village Subdivision at Forest Meadows; Public Works/Surveyor – Board action: approved, 5-0

8. RESOLUTION accepting bid and award of contract to Ford Construction for Phase II-B Base Line Construction at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility; Public Works/Solid Waste – Board action: approved, 5-0

9. MINUTE ORDER approving a contract with Aircon Energy, in the amount of $41,900, to fund the HVAC modifications to the Ag/Tech services building, to be funded from Tobacco Settlement funds; Admin. – Board action: approved, 5-0 R E G U L A R A G E N D A

10. Discussion and possible action re: the adoption of an ORDINANCE correcting Section of the Calaveras County Code regarding temporary signs; Planning – Board action: approved 5-0

11. Discussion and possible action re: MINUTE ORDER upholding the findings and recommendations of the Administrative Hearing Board, dated July 7, 2005, in Code Compliance Case #05-11 regarding Alan R. Deyarman, 1128 Paradise Peak, Valley Springs, CA, APN 073-046-021; Code Compliance – Board action: approved, 5-0

12. Discussion and possible action re: MINUTE ORDER upholding the findings and recommendations of the Administrative Hearing Board, dated July 7, 2005, in Code Compliance Case #05-10 regarding Michael Rector, 1813 South Petersburg Road, Valley Springs CA, APN 046-028-005; Code Compliance – Board action: continued to meeting of August 22, 2005

13. Discussion and possible action re: RESOLUTION approving the purchase of the District Attorney´s modular building, from GE Capital Modular Space, in the amount of $144,787.50, to be funded with Teeter Funds; Admin. – Board action: approved, 5-0

14. Review of correspondence, reports and various matters of concern; Board Members and staff; a) Supervisor Tryon had nothing to report; b) Supervisor Wilensky on Tuesday for the entire day will be at a First Five workshop in Sutter, therefore will not have office hours at the West Point Library; Saturday will attend the Calaveras County Arts Council´s Cajun Fete; Sunday an AARP community day in West Point; Wilensky referenced the memorial service for Thomas Taylor, and the response from the community. Wilensky feels much can be learned from his example on seeing other viewpoints. Wilensky thanked Supervisor Claudino for cooking at this event; c) Supervisor Callaway; Friday will attend the California State Fair with Supervisor Claudino; Saturday will attend a Flying Acres Homeowners Association meeting; Callaway proposed the Board submit a letter to the Legislature for full reimbursement for the November 8, 2005, Special Election; d) Supervisor Claudino, reported on a Central Sierra Planning Council meeting he attended last week. The current Bear Valley Music Festival chair person made a presentation encouraging attendance. The new ownership of Bear Valley Ski Resort presented their plans for future enhancements of the venue; Tuesday, will attend a La Contenta Homeowners meeting; Wednesday will be at Bear Valley for a EMS meeting; Friday will be attending the State Fair with Supervisor Callaway; Saturday, may attend the Calaveras County Arts Council´s Cajun Fete; Claudino reported on the American Legion Ambulance annual meeting he attended on August 4, 2005. Claudino reported that it is felt the transition has gone well in providing services in Calaveras County; e) Chair Erickson on Wednesday will attend a Rancho Calaveras Homeowners Association meeting; Friday, a concert at Ironstone; Saturday will be working at the Valley Springs Veterans booth during a concert at the fairgrounds; f) CAO Mitchell presented information to the Board regarding a grant offer from the FAA. This will assist in the taxi-way and additional money for the access road. This item will be on the agenda for August 22, 2005. Meetings have been held with the Sheriff, Public Health, Ag. Department and Environmental Health discussing Animal Control issues; Friday will attend the State Fair; Mitchell stated that Chris Nichols of the Union Democrat Newspaper would again be the representative in Calaveras County; Mitchell and Supervisor Tryon will be meeting in Murphys with various community groups in that area; Administration is continuing to address the issue of budget solution recommendations; Tuesday, September 6, 2005, at 1:00, the proposed budget will be presented; Mitchell explained various aspects of the budget process g) County Counsel, James Jones, advised for the Board meeting of 8/15/05, Janis Elliott will be the representative for County Council during his and David Sirias absence; Jones will work at the State fair next week;

15. CLOSED SESSION, under Government Code Section 54957(b), conference with Assistant CAO, recruitment for Chief Probation Officer; Admin. – Board action: No action taken 16.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: there was no one wishing to speak

A CLOSED SESSION was held pursuant to Government Code 54957.5-threatened litigation in the matter of the Claim of Jake Wallace, Claim No. 05-18; No action was taken ___/s/ Karen Varni_______________ County Clerk and Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Calaveras, State of Calif. PUBLISH: August 16, 2005CE

Reprinted with permission from Calaveras Enterprise


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