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Sonora’s State Of The City Tomorrow

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Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate will present the State of the City to City Council members when they meet tomorrow at 5 p.m. Longtime Councilman Ron Stearns says Applegate is expected to emphasize how strong and robust the local economy is.

Highlighting the strength of the local economy are various factors: the three major shopping Centers in the city, Sonora Crossroads, Timberhills and the Sonora Plaza are all at 100% retailer capacity. The downtown shopping district currently has eight commercial vacancies and one building under renovation . Work is also being completed on the new sidewalk and wall spanning Washington Street from the historic Red Church downtown northward to Columbia Road. Stearns says the city´s major retailers have also reported that revenue from holiday shopping was up 5 to 10% over a year ago. The city´s coffers will also be pumped up by the disbursement of Measure I money starting the last week of March.

The money will be used for various city needs, including the purchase of three used police cruisers from the Salt Lake Police Department and one new vehicle for the Fire Department. Sonora Police Chief Mace McIntosh will also be allowed to hire one new recruit and to fill a Lieutenant´s position that had been left vacant by a retiring officer. A new Public Works mechanic will also be brought on board with the extra money. Other growth in the city includes the construction of the Delta Blood Bank near Rite Aid. A proposal to build a new Lowe´s Hardware store will go before the Planning Commission this spring. City Council members will also discuss widening Mono Way from Greenley to Sanguinetti. The City´s annual budget is approximately $3.4-million and growing.